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Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi Booking , Payment Details , Location

Bahria Town Central Park Apartments Payment Plan Details

4 Year Payment Plan (16 Installments: Due After Every 3 Months)

Category 2 Bed Apartments 4 Bed Limited Penthouse
Down Payment Rs. 645,000 Rs. 1,745,000
Each Installment Amount Rs. 425,313 Rs. 1,244,063
Total Amount Rs. 7,450,000 Rs. 21,650,000

Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi Booking

Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi commercial square, inspired by Central Park New York, will be an investment hub for multiple nearby attractions. Central Park Commercial has begun as it has recently done the floor excavation. It will soon be officially launched by Bahria Town Karachi with a full payment plan and further details. Your dream at Bahria Town Karachi is now a reality. 2 Bed Luxury & Limited Edition 4 Bed Penthouses with views of Bahria Town Karachi’s 32 acre Central Park & that at very affordable prices.


Central Park is well located between three major avenues within its most exclusive Bahria Paradise plan in Precinct 54. It’s easy to reach from any part of Bahria Paradise, thanks to 3 main roads that run next to it:

A large, 18.5-acre, 5-star hotel will also be built on one corner of Central Park. Entire Park will be surrounded by industrial plots that give investors profitable business prospects. Five hundred sq. There will also be nearby Yard Bahria Paradise Villas and Bahria Carnival.


The development here, like other projects, will be carried out at a rapid pace as Bahria Town is committed to delivering. Central Park of Bahria Paradise, covering 64 acres of land, will consist of several incredible features and facilities for residents and visitors.


Bahia Town officially launched Central Part Apartment Price:


Entry point of every block is wide
A compound wall with security checks point to inhibit unauthorized entry
Balconies with all apartments
Elevator is available in Safari Apartments II
Concierge facility at the reception lobby of each building
Common area landscaping
Finest quality finishes
Maximum utilization of interior spaces
Membership opportunities at safari club and other recreational facilities
24 hour maintenance
Household waste removal
Common area cleaning
Prefer the residential compound lifestyle of closely knit family ties or just want an easy-to-manage interior with round-the-clock professional staff performing exterior maintenance. The Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi is ideal for small and medium-sized, working and trouble-free families who characterize urban compound living in fashion. Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi is strategically located, providing quick access to downtown Karachi and infrastructure facilities in Bahria Town. To prevent unauthorized access, these buildings share a compound wall and a security checkpoint. Families can relax while their kids play within the boundary walls in a safe environment. All residents are provided with the highest quality of maintenance and maintenance services by the clock team of plumbers, carpenters, sweepers, electricians and gardeners.


Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi is a unique community model that provides a fully integrated lifestyle luxury environment. Clean and trendy 2 bedroom apartments in Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi are ideal for all types of families, providing easy access to all lifestyle facilities such as shopping areas, gym, spa, cafes, mini-golf and much more. The apartments were built with each block consisting of 4 similar buildings in a neighborhood model. -block provides its own shops and services, as well as a central courtyard that acts as a fun children’s playground. Security 24/7 at Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi gives you a sense of comfort in living life without worries. Uninterrupted power, repairs around the clock and all other facilities from Bahria Town make Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi an ideal location for a comfortable life.
24/7 Complete Security
Mini Golf Club
Commercial Areas
Indoor Swimming Pool
Secured Play Area in Each Block
Large Car Parking Areas


Without the presence of high quality educational institutions, no city or urban community is likely to enjoy prosperity and sustainability. The Bahria Town Karachi has set up its own colleges and schools to keep this in mind. Because the town boasts the newest and most important services, you’re not dissatisfied with the preservation of living standards in Bahria Town. All residents can be enrolled in Roots Millennium School for their boys. You can also explore other nearby options such as Baqai Medical University if you are considering higher education options.


No city and metropolitan society is likely to enjoy stability and development without the existence of high-quality educational institutions. To keep this in mind, Bahria Town Karachi has established its own colleges and schools. Because the town boasts the newest and most important services, the preservation of living standards in Bahria Town is not unhappy with you. All residents may be registered with their kids at the Roots Millennium School. If you are considering options for higher education, you can also pursue other nearby alternatives such as Baqai Medical University.
Bus No. 1: Takes you from Bahria Town Karachi to Malir Halt
Bus No. 2: For commuting from Bahria Town to Sohrab Goth


Residents enjoy a safe and secure environment while living in Bahria Town thanks to 24/7 security. Because of robust security systems across the area, no robbery or burglary cases have occurred so far. A highlight is the well-trained and resourceful security staff in Bahria Town, among other top amenities. You can often see patrolling officers inside the project to ensure complete security.


Like the original landmark, Bahria Paradise Karachi’s Central Park is designed to host many family-friendly attractions and amenities. The park will consist of

Recreational Center
Harlem Meer Lake
Skating Track
Flower Garden
Untermyer Fountain
The Great Hill
Tennis Court
Onassis Reservoir
Open Air Theater
Sheep Meadow Park
Central Park Zoo
Cycling Track
Turtle Pound
Rat Rock
Amusement Park

Several attractions within Bahria Paradise’s Central Park will be accurate replicas of New York’s Central Park attractions. These include Rat Rock, Turtle Pound, Onassis Reservoir, Lake Harlem, and Fountain Untermyer.


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